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Bella Massimo Organics is located in beautiful Napa Valley, California, home to some of the greatest wine in the world.  But that is not all it offers. It is in this beautiful environment that we handmake each one of our natural body products.

We strive to offer the highest quality natural products possible. Something that will leave us feeling invigorated for the rest of our busy day.  We have formulated our products with natural ingredients, not artificial smells and colors. Your health inside and out is our priority!

We use only the finest ingredients when crafting our products, and always attempt to source locally, as with our California Olive Oil from Bella Vista Farms in Hollister California and Salt from the San Francisco Salt Co.  The majority of the essential and carrier oils we use in our body products are 100% USDA Certified Organic.  If the essential oil is phototoxic (meaning if it is on your skin sunlight may cause an adverse reaction) we use a distilled version which is still an amazing essential oil with therapeutic properties.

Our candles are formulated with natural beeswax sourced locally in Napa Valley and therapeutic grade essential oils and/or natural fragrance oils.  These superior quality blends make all the difference over inferior quality artificial fragrances!  And beeswax purifies the air!

Try one of our foaming hand or body soaps and you may not go back to the bar!  These soaps are liquified and placed in recyclable plastic and glass bottles that have a foam pump.  All of our bottles are refillable so please order by the gallon!

If you like the feel of an ergonomic bar, we offer several that will transform your bathing experience as well as the softness of your skin.    

Our raw products come from suppliers that are also concerned with the health of the environment. Our suppliers offer Fair Trade, Oregon Tilth, USDA Organic and Earth Kosher certified! That means you are getting a high quality product and supporting those with the same commitments you have!

We wrap our soap bars in a biodegradable film or compostable paper instead of the normal plastic and offer bamboo boxes as an alternative packaging method as these can be reused and repurposed.  We are continually evaluating where we can trim waste and switch to reusable packaging.  If you have any ideas we would love to hear them!

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